Landscape Learn

18.10.17 – The Garden Museum: Liquid Assets




In October, we held three Wednesday evening events to focus on Autumn Colour, Liquid Assets and Taking Care with expert and diverse speakers across the arts, engineering, and natural resource management. We explored colour relationships and the movement of colour, seen and unseen in the context of nature. We celebrated urban water, discuss resource management, the cultural and engineering assets of the past and what could be the future in London. The third Landscape Learn event invited custodians of some of our most complex, fascinating and loved London landscapes to discuss underlying inspiration and long-term stewardship.

Fresh water is one of our greatest assets. If we love the verdant nature of our landscapes, why treat rainwater as a waste product?

Climate change is predicted to have dramatic impacts on weather patterns and London’s population is increasing at record rates. Heavy downpours pose a significant flood risk to our city. Jo Gibbons and George Warren discussed the potential of transforming the city through a sustainable drainage approach. Black and grey water samples provided by Marie Raffin focussing thoughts on recycling and reuse. Stephen Myers described his innovative idea for the revival of the Fleet River and Neil Davidson proposed amphibious living as an alternative to holding back the tide.