Landscape Learn

25.10.17 – The Garden Museum: Taking Care




In October, we held three Wednesday evening events to focus on Autumn Colour, Liquid Assets and Taking Care with expert and diverse speakers across the arts, engineering, and natural resource management. We explored colour relationships and the movement of colour, seen and unseen in the context of nature. We celebrated urban water, discuss resource management, the cultural and engineering assets of the past and what could be the future in London. The third Landscape Learn event invited custodians of some of our most complex, fascinating and loved London landscapes to discuss underlying inspiration and long-term stewardship.

No landscape on this earth is untouched by man.

Jo and Neil considered the form of stewardship for landscapes of different scales and time depths, narrating personal and professional journeys.  Ruth Holmes revealed what it was like to care for thousands of acres of Royal Parks and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. In the life of a landscape, John Watkins asked how do we foster continuity of management, indeed do we want continuity? Artist Finn Thomson’s expressed a desire for ambiguous space in the artist studio that allowed for taking ownership in a highly personal way, a model exemplified by Marie Murray and Brian Cummings’ nurturing of the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden.